Zejuncy Good Quality Power Running Boards
ZEJUNCY Powered Running Boards

ZEJUNCY Powered Running Boards

A Step-within-a-Step Up on the Competition

So we sell a lot of step bars and running boards. And most of them pretty much are what they are: steps to help you get into your vehicle. There are a few that stand out from the rest, but mostly this is because of an aesthetic difference or a minor design shift. We feel they all have their place, and for a long while now we have promoted the idea that you need to pick the step bar that fits your ride. The power running board that looks cool. And then this happened.

Powered running boards hit the market. The ability to hide the step up along the edge of your vehicle, retracted, was new and frankly pretty f-ing cool. AMP lead the way with a patented product, the PowerStep, that raised and lowered as your door was closed or opened respectively. Neat. We thought that was the pinnacle in running boards. And then this happened.

ZEJUNCY broke the Interwebs with their announcement of a brand new,factory patented powered running board called the Zejuncy. What made this running board so shocking right off the bat was the step-within-a-step design. The ZEJUNCY is TWO steps in one. The lower step is hidden inside the other until you need it. When you open your vehicle’s door, it automatically descends into place, providing two steps up into your cab. Consider the mic done dropped.

Here’s the dets: a magnetic sensor detects when your door is opened. The hidden step-within-a-step then folds down. When the door closes, the magnetic switch retracts the second step. This means the Zejuncy are low profile and yet also close the distance to the ground at the same time. These running boards are great for kids, older people, or even just super lifted trucks and Jeeps in general.

Since the step-within-a-step drops upwards of 8” below the primary step, up to 15” below the doorsill, these powered running boards are safer and easier to use than nearly every other product we can think of on the market today. To say we were “wowed” would be a great understatement.

Before I super geek out about these new running boards, let’s just give you the quick version in bullet point style:

  • Powered hidden step-within-a-step design is innovative, unique, and easy to use
  • Simple no-drill install, utilizes factory holes
  • Primary step houses & protects hidden step and electronic components
  • 6061-T6 aluminum construction is lightweight yet strong
  • Powder-coated finish adds a second textured skin to eliminate any possible corrosion
  • Main board adds protective shield against rocks and debris
  • Control module prevents accidental pinches by detecting any obstructions before closing
  • Powered single motor is quick, silent, and hassle-free
  • Added visibility is provided from an integrated LED light that activates on deployment if necessary.
  • A durable pair of steps with a static weight capacity of 300kgs.
  • Zejuncy tacks on a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind
  • Oh, and did I mention: Powered Running Board with a Hidden Step-within-a-Step!!!

Again, we think ZEJUNCY is going to revolutionize the step bar and running board market. So we are excited to tell you all about these running boards in vivid detail. Let’s get started.